I bought a security door from you last year, and I want to let you know that it was the best purchase I made the entire year. During very warm days I leave the inner door open at night, using just the security door. With cross ventilation in place the house cools off within 10 minutes . I don’t have air conditioning and will never need it ! Also, your website and office information were excellent as well as service.
VF – Portland, OR
We purchased our first Mascotte doors while still living in Portland, OR 1989. In 1992, we moved to Seattle, following a massive remodel of a 1926 home, and one of the top companies on the “must have” list was the Mascotte name.

We have felt secure and comfortable every day and night since the installation of three security doors. We particularly appreciate being able to enjoy the summer weather using the screens, and blocking out the cold, wet winters with the glass windows. Now, we are seriously considering putting 4 security doors on our rental property…

You will not go wrong with Mascotte.
Jeri, Seattle

Portland Police Testimonial

Now, I know what home security feels like and here’s why. A couple weeks ago, the professionals from Mascotte Home Security installed our new storm door. But, this isn’t just any storm door. It’s a Mascotte Security Storm door – the strongest storm door on the market.

We love to have the front door open during good weather, but that looks like an invitation to a burglar. And, there have been times when we didn’t answer the door because we didn’t know who was there? That won’t be a problem now that we have a Mascotte door between us and them. But, this door will do more than just keep intruders out. It’ll keep cold, wet weather out, too. The Mascotte door is absolutely the best on the market. And, it looks great! It was custom made to fit our home, based on designs my wife and I selected. To top it all off, the door is like a well-built machine. It closes with the solid sound and feel of a bank vault. We absolutely love the way our door looks and operates.
Bob & Lynn Strong, SE Portland
aka Handyman Bob from Around The House
FM NEWS 101 KXL, Saturday Noon to 2:00
They have installed a few doors at my house. They are terrific and their doors are gorgeous. Many people have commented on our doors.
SB-La Center, WA
The representative was prompt in coming out to measure for the doors. The doors were ready in 3-4 weeks, and the installers brought them out. They went beyond the usual service in helping to put the sliding glass door back in its frame after some equipment had been delivered, then they installed the sliding security door. I love Mascotte doors, they very strong security doors. This is the second house in which I have had them installed.
EB-Gresham, OR

They installed security doors on my home. They also installed new locks on my door as well. The doors are really nice and the colors even match my house. The work went as scheduled. I couldn’t ask for anything more, it was just very good. They even have removable screens on the door that you can replace with glass during the winter, which helps to keep the heat in too.

JB- Boring, OR
We had 3 Security Doors installed at our Beach House after there was an attempted break-in.

The doors are beautiful. Larry and his installers did an outstanding job. These are the most secure doors we could find and they are worth every penny. Flimsy Screen Doors were only a few hundred doors less and one of those doors was pulled off with a crowbar. Larry showed us various designs and colors and we are very happy with our choice. This is one of the best businesses I have ever dealt with, they are professional, have excellent processes, and the highest quality product of it’s type in Portland if not the USA. I totally recommend this company to anyone wanting the peace of mind that they have the best security door that a burglar cannot enter. With Portland’s Crime Rate at 265% of the national average, I believe everyone needs these doors. Thanks Larry, you guys and gals are the greatest!!
DB- Portland, OR
They originally installed guard doors ten years ago and came out just a year ago when we had a problem. They do excellent work. They are very reliable and dependable. We would definitely hire them again in the future if we needed to.
PM- Vancouver, WA
We were pleased. They came out and measured it up. They told us that it would take 3 weeks to install it, which it did. He came out and installed it without any problems. It looks nice and works good. We are very pleased.
GO- Milwaukie, OR
They installed some burglar doors that were very heavy. It was a very big job as there were about six or seven doors that they installed. They also put some bars on the basement windows too. It was perfect; they did a very good job. They showed up on time and the workers were friendly and professional. If we ever had a need, we would hire them again.
PL- Portland, OR
We had gotten front and back security doors from them in Portland about 12 years ago and loved them because they have glass and screens in them. These are hardcore security doors. They’re very nice. He came out and measured our door, we told him what we wanted and got to pick out the design, the color and all that stuff. He said it would be two weeks and it actually ended up being six days. They came out and they have a contractor who puts them in. Both of them were very professional. The door was so nice. It’s what I asked for my Christmas present. It’s gorgeous. They’re incredible doors. They were incredible doors 12 years ago and it’s an incredible door now. I would highly recommend them. They were very professional. They quoted the price, it was exactly the price we paid. They were great. They’re not cheap but nobody’s getting through this door. It was very much worth the price. I think if you hooked up a chain on the back of the car and attached it to the door, you would actually take out the whole frame on the front of our house. They mount it on the front of your house, these huge deadbolt things that go through them, you can’t get them out. If somebody wants to break in your house, they’re going to have to go through a window, because the door they’re not going to get through.
RR- Estacada, OR
The doors are beautiful and very secure. I had suspected a peeping tom had visited, so I had Brinks install alarms on the windows (we have had Brinks alarms on the doors for many years). When the Brinks man was done, he remarked that anyone who wanted in would just kick in the back door anyway! So, I thought I’d better do something to shore up the back and front doors. The Mascotte representative who called here showed me several choices of design and color, and the installed doors are a good match for the trim color around the doors. The work was done very promptly after ordered.
JB- Boring, OR
They have been working with us on putting a security door in front of our business establishment. They were very professional to work with, they are local company, and they are very friendly. They have really good references, they came right out and gave us an estimate and were really easy to work.
DF- Portland, OR
Great job. I will be hiring them in the future!
LM- Portland, OR
Dear Larry,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you and your workers did on our security doors and windows. I especially appreciate your getting the job done ahead of schedule and before our vacation- after we had a break-in 1 ½ weeks ago we were concerned about leaving our home without protection. The doors and hardware are obviously first-rate, and they actually enhance the appearance of our house.

Your products and service are exceptional.

Best wishes,
ML- Portland, OR
I called Mascotte to have a bid done on installing a security door. The owner of the company came out within a day to give the estimate. He was very helpful in helping me think through options. For the day of the service, they were on time, and did a great job with installation. The door itself is very high quality and I couldn’t be happier. I certainly have more peace of mind, and intend to use the company for other projects.
CL- Portland, OR
Mascotte Home Security installed security doors within four separate steps. The first dealt with evaluating existing doors and recommendations concerning upgrading to new doors, which included various styles, quality, and designs that were available. We selected new doors for the side of the house where the original door had been sprung by intruders and a set of two for the front door. The second was an installation appointment where these doors were hung. The third appointment Mr. Mascotte returned with selections that would fit our two sliding doors and scheduled an installation appointment, which then completed my security upgrades. The four appointments went well with a variety of styles to chose from. Mr. Mascotte was very informative and went out of his way to make sure I was pleased with the upgrade and installation of the security doors.
RA- Portland, OR