Craftsman Custom Series

Doors and Scroll Designs

When choosing a design for the Craftsman Custom doors, the designs are cut-out inserts, allowing you to choose which panel you want for the top or bottom. You can pair up for a theme or mix up themes. With the inserts, there are two styles, what we call positive and negative. The positive is one where the scene or design is left as a silhouette, such as the Humming Bird; a negative is one where the cut-out area is the design, such as the Wild Horse.

When you look at the designs on the screen, the gray you see is the background or the metal that has been cut away. The white represents the metal remaining.

We usually recommend putting a negative in the bottom panel if you have both positive and negative cut-out in the same door. This makes the upper panel easier to look and talk through. We have several designs for the center; some are shown. Some of the designs are more intricate than others so there is a price variance with them. We quote the prices when you have chosen which one you prefer.

Typical lead time on taking the order, manufacturing, delivery and installation of one of the craftsman custom door will be from four to six weeks, a little longer than our other style of doors.



Custom Craftsman Series – Example Combinations