General Product Description

The Mascotte Security storm door is not only one of the most secure doors you can buy but is one of the best-designed storm doors as well. Customers frequently purchase the door without designs or bars as a top quality storm door. Because of this, we offer our doors at several levels of features.

Mascotte has been the premier supplier of the welded steel security door in the northwest for over 43 years. Original patent and engineering features have made it unique not only in its quality of strength but also in the beauty of its design.

We have given one of our doors three times to a local SWAT team to practice dynamic entry. They have to pull the door off with a vehicle or blow the hinges with explosives.

We feature a proprietary designed PVC vinyl v-seal on three sides of the door and a PVC vinyl sweep across the bottom of the door. This combination creates an excellent thermal air barrier between the prime door and our security door.

Three tempered glass panels on the door allow for an easy change from glass to screen.

All three levels of the storm door category (#1,#2,#3) have the all-steel frame that mounts to the house with our patented steel threshold and anti-pry bar and pins. The different levels are compiled as follows:

#1 Door

  • 3 panels of glass (top, center, bottom)
  • 1 panel of screen
  • safety chain
  • v-seal weather-stripping, three sides
  • vinyl sweep across bottom
  • closers available (option)

#2 Door

  • 3 panels of screen
  • no glass
  • v-seal weather stripping, three sides
  • vinyl sweep across bottom
  • closers available (option)

#3 Door

  • no screen
  • no glass
  • no v-seal around sides
  • no vinyl sweep across bottom
  • no closer

A #3 can be upgraded to a #2 or #1 level; a #2 can be upgraded to a #1 level. The same features apply to double or French doors. All three levels of features apply to each of the three design levels: our standard series, the craftsman series and the custom craftsman series.

#4 Basic Door

Our #4 style of security door is one that provides the top level of security but cannot be upgraded to add glass or screen.

We have several feature options available:

  • Single cross bar and pickets
  • Dead bolt lock or deadbolt mortise hook lock
  • Threshold optional
  • Vertical bars for security

This style of door can be fitted with expanded metal or perforated metal and is designed to be security for a side door, a garage or shed, or commercial application.

#5 Glass Patio Door Cover

Mascotte makes a patio security door to mount over the outside of your existing sliding glass patio door and sliding screen. Our door cannot be fitted with glass or screen. With your patio door, you usually have one fixed panel of glass and one sliding door. We mount a fixed panel outside and either a hinged swinging door or, in most cases, a sliding door. In some situations, if there is enough room, we can make a single sliding panel the full size of your patio door to slide off to the side, having the view completely open.

#6-7-8 Double or French Doors

  • #6- same as #1
  • #7- same as #2
  • #8- same as #3

#9 Basic Double Doors

These are double doors with the same construction features as our #4 door.



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