The doors are high-quality and the installer they use is excellent, the problem is really with communication. When I asked the sales person for screen a screen door option he just gave me one screen out of 3 door panels without even asking me if I wanted all three. So when the installer showed up with only a top screen I asked him if all panels were available. He said yes but that I had to call a mascotte employee to discuss that. I called and asked for the other screens and if they could be put in and was told it would be about a week. He said he encourages people with kids not to get them, but I would have at least like to be informed they were an option rather having the decision made for me. When the other screens were ready, Mascotte called to schedule drop off. I agreed to a time and came home with my daughter early and texted them letting them know my arrival. When I got home they had already dropped them off but didn’t stay to install and left no instructions. I’m not handy so I called and they told me what to do and I had some trouble with it. I expressed disappointment that it wasn’t going to be installed but they told me they gave them to me for free, which is kind, but honestly what I really would have preferred is for them to have been offered from the start and installed on the day I set aside with child care and would have gladly paid for that to happen. But when the company said they were installing the other 2 screens later I left my install questions for that time, and never would have scheduled drop off at a time I didn’t have child care if it had been communicated that I was the one to put them in and without any instructions or phone help. When I called for help they basically started screening my calls and and then finally told told me they would call me back later, which they never did. Just not the level of care I would have hoped for with a $2000 door.